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Created 2017-03-05
Last Modified 2017-03-05 05:59 UTC
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rmdupes is a command-line tool for managing duplicate files. It supports moving duplicates to a backup directory, replacing duplicates with hardlinks or symlinks, inverting matches to remove extraneous files, and more. See the project page and help message for the latest features.


fstab-uuid is a simple script to replace device paths with UUIDs in fstab and crypttab. There is also an option for naïve scanning of text files for potential replacements. It is meant as a helper for updating system configuration files. Let me know if you want me to package it. Until then, you can find it in the (scripts)[] section of the site.


Created 2015-12-04
Last Modified 2015-12-04 17:52 UTC
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Bauerbill has been reborn. See the project page for details.


Created 2014-12-25
Last Modified 2014-12-25 22:37 UTC
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python3-aur now includes the module AUR.PkgList and a script named aurpkglist to provide a full list of packages in the AUR.


pkg_scripts now contains a script 2 new scripts.


pkg-busybox_recovery should provide a minimalist way to get pacman working on a broken system if busybox is already installed. A working Arch Linux system is required to generate the scripts that should be passed to busybox. pkg-busybox_recovery was inspired by this thread on the Arch Linux forum.


As requested by karol, I'll try to remember to post news items when I add things to the site. 2014 has been slow and I've lost the habit.

Btw, hi karol. ;)

Happy hollijollidays! holly jolly Arch Linux

New Signing Key

Created 2013-11-02
Last Modified 2013-11-02 18:53 UTC
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New Signing Key

I have recently changed my TU signing key. I am now using the new key to sign files on this site.

Key File
ID 8F173680
Fingerprint EC3C BE7F 607D 11E6 6314 9E81 1D1F 0DC7 8F17 3680

The old key has not been compromised but residual signatures will be replaced as the signed files are updated. See the main page of the site for details.


Created 2013-09-23
Last Modified 2013-09-23 00:38 UTC
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moz2fs is a tool for synchronizing subsets of bookmarks across multiple Firefox profiles. See the project page for details.

echo | sed 's/\./@/'
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