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Comment Form

Created 2012-07-25
Last Modified 2012-08-03 11:55 UTC
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Comment Form

I’ve added a comment form to the main template for now. If it proves to be useful and not too spammy I’ll probably keep it.

So, now that I have that at the bottom, give me some feedback. Take a look at last blog post and send me some suggestions for an easily manageably comment system that I could integrate into Xac.


Created 2012-07-17
Last Modified 2012-08-03 11:57 UTC
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New Convenience Scripts

Two convenience scripts have been added to the Pacserve package:

A pacman wrapper that uses the Pacserve daemon when running and manages Pacserve servers in a cached pacman.conf file. With this script the user does not need to manage Pacserve servers in pacman.conf manually.
This script reads a pacman.conf file and prints a modified version that contains the necessary Pacserve server entries. It is used by pacsrv.


Created 2012-07-13
Last Modified 2012-12-02 21:46 UTC
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Ever since I noticed that rsync URLs are retrieved by reflector, I’ve been itching to make use of them somehow. I finally got around to it by hooking into pm2ml and turning it into a module, which I then used to create Parisync. It’s an aria2c- and rsync-based downloader for Pacman. The linked page explain what it does and how to use it, along with some example scripts.

Incidentally, the pm2ml module contains a pyalpm-based pacman.conf parser that is able to detect SigLevel tags, in case anyone needs them for their own scripts. I submitted a patch upstream months ago but never got a response.


Rsync should provide a much more efficient way to maintain synchronized databases for Paconky and other scripts that regularly check for updates. I have therefore updated Paconky to support a synchronization command which allows it to use Parisync. I have added an notes to the comments at the top of Paconky about this.

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