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Description: A Python 3 module and script to retrieve and filter the latest Pacman mirror list.
Latest Version: 2018
Source Code: src/
  • any
  • python3
Optional Dependencies:
  • rsync: rate rsync mirrors
Arch Repositories:
  • [community]
  • [xyne-any]
  • [xyne-i686]
  • [xyne-x86_64]
Arch Forum Thread: 115714


Reflector retrieves information from’s Mirror Status service via the JSON interface and filters servers based on user options to generate Pacman mirrorlists. Please see reflector --help for details.


Thanks to Pierre for creating the previous MirrorStatus interface for Reflector on

Help Message

$ reflector --help

usage: [-h] [--connection-timeout n] [--list-countries]
                    [--cache-timeout n] [--save <filepath>]
                    [--sort {age,rate,country,score,delay}] [--threads n]
                    [--verbose] [--info] [-a n] [-c <country>] [-f n]
                    [-i <regex>] [-x <regex>] [-l n] [--score n] [-n n]
                    [-p <protocol>] [--completion-percent [0-100]]

retrieve and filter a list of the latest Arch Linux mirrors

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --connection-timeout n
                        The number of seconds to wait before a connection
                        times out.
  --list-countries      Display a table of the distribution of servers by
  --cache-timeout n     The cache timeout in seconds for the data retrieved
                        from the Arch Linux Mirror Status API. The default is
                        300 (5 minutes).
  --save <filepath>     Save the mirrorlist to the given path.
  --sort {age,rate,country,score,delay}
                        Sort the mirrorlist. "age": last server
                        synchronization; "rate": download rate; "country":
                        server's location; "score": MirrorStatus score;
                        "delay": MirrorStatus delay.
  --threads n           The number of threads to use when rating mirrors.
  --verbose             Print extra information to STDERR. Only works with
                        some options.
  --info                Print mirror information instead of a mirror list.
                        Filter options apply.

  The following filters are inclusive, i.e. the returned list will only
  contain mirrors for which all of the given conditions are met.

  -a n, --age n         Only return mirrors that have synchronized in the last
                        n hours. n may be an integer or a decimal number.
  -c <country>, --country <country>
                        Match one of the given countries (case-sensitive). Use
                        "--list-countries" to see which are available.
  -f n, --fastest n     Return the n fastest mirrors that meet the other
                        criteria. Do not use this option without other
                        filtering options.
  -i <regex>, --include <regex>
                        Include servers that match <regex>, where <regex> is a
                        Python regular express.
  -x <regex>, --exclude <regex>
                        Exclude servers that match <regex>, where <regex> is a
                        Python regular express.
  -l n, --latest n      Limit the list to the n most recently synchronized
  --score n             Limit the list to the n servers with the highest
  -n n, --number n      Return at most n mirrors.
  -p <protocol>, --protocol <protocol>
                        Match one of the given protocols, e.g. "http", "ftp".
  --completion-percent [0-100]
                        Set the minimum completion percent for the returned
                        mirrors. Check the mirrorstatus webpage for the
                        meaning of this parameter. Default value: 100.0.



  • Added --score option.
  • Remove old-style message formatting.
  • Use logging module instead of custom methods.


  • case-insensitive country name matching


  • added --info option for displaying info about each mirror
  • added support for filtering by country code


  • added code to time rsync downloads (suggested by Teo Guo Ci, implemented with a slightly different approach)
  • get_mirrorlist method now accepts an unquoted command list.
  • updated string formatting commands (e.g. 'foo %s %s' % (x, y) to 'foo {} {}'.format(x, y))
  • changed format of generated mirrorlist header
  • fixed help message for --verbose (STDOUT -> STDERR)


  • added --include and --exclude filter options
  • removed --grep option (replaced by --include)


  • added JSON data caching to avoid redundant connections to
  • added --connection-timeout and --cache-timeout options


  • added “delay” and “score” to sort options


  • rewritten in Python 3 following the deprecation of the perl-xyne-arch package
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