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2012-02-18 04:20 UTC
  • Xyne


This page lists changes that have been submitted by others but not (yet) included in Voracious. I want to rewrite parts of Voracious before I merge these changes into the code but I am currently focusing on other projects and do not have the time to give Voracious the attention that the rewrite and subsequent merger need.

This page also serves as a reminder that I need to do this.

All of the disclaimers that apply to my own code apply to the code submitted by others. I have at least briefly reviewed the code here but it is up to you to check it before you run it.

Ben Holroyd’s Changes

Ben Holroyd has submitted the following changes that can be found here:

  • prevented parsing of $tags$ in html comments, leading to erroneous errors

  • added special case so if $entries.content.value$ is empty $entries.summary$ is returned instead, rather than a blank page.

  • added options to $tags$ in format $tag:option1=X:option2=Y$

    • added ‘len’ option to $tags$, cuts output to required length.
    • added ‘max’ and ‘unread’ options to $ITEM$ tag, max shows maximum of X
    • entries, unread just shows unread items, unread currently means a link hasn’t been clicked on that contains the entries ?entry query in the query string (entry added to ‘readlist’ file).
  • new tags

    • $ADDRESS$ points to the current address
    • $ENTRYID$ equivalent to entry=$entries.id$ for use in a query string
    • due to issues with embeding addresses with queries in a query string and unicode etc.
  • querystrings

    • added to end of url eg www.address.com?query=value&template=template.html
    • entry- expects entries.id, will open up supplied ids on a different page (better to use $ENTRYID$ rather than this directly)
    • template- expects path to a template, will use template in page opened
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