2019-03-25 19:10 UTC
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Here you will find Pacman package repositories that are available on this site. To use them, add the corresponding lines to your pacman.conf file. You can view the full list of files in each repo by navigating to its directory. All packages and databases are signed with my Trusted User key. You should already have this in your Pacman key ring.

Note that architecture-specific repos include all of the “any” packages in the matching “any” repo. For example, [xyne-x86_64] includes all of the packages in [xyne-any] along with some packages compiled for x86_64. The “any” repos are intended for users of unsupported architectures such as ARM. It is up to the user to compile the architecture-specific packages on their own in such cases, which may be necessary to satisfy some dependencies.

# A repo for Xyne's own projects:
# Packages for "any" architecture.
# Use this repo only if there is no matching [xyne-*] repo for your architecture.
SigLevel = Required
Server =

# A repo for Xyne's own projects:
# Packages for the "x86_64" architecture.
# Note that this includes all packages in [xyne-any].
SigLevel = Required
Server =


Send me an email directly or post in the corresponding Arch Linux forum thread.

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